This is Broken


Small Rant:

Not sure if anyone has watched the Seth Godin video Broken. ( Well today, reminded me of this video. I am a small business owner and needed to finalize some paperwork for a past employee for employment insurance. Thought I had completed everything last week, found out I did not.

So I went back to the website and found out that the on-line application I was filling out for on-line access had to be printed and taken into a Service Canada location. So I hopped in the truck and drove into Dartmouth to take in my web application. I saw on the site that I needed two pieces of ID, so I took my wallet with me when I went in.So I wait in line, have to fill out the form again, in pen, b/c the on-line app does not get saved in their system, it is just for filling out and printing…go figure. So i fill it out, wait in line again and then the gal asks for my 2 pieces of ID, one with a picture ID. Well…I do not have the correct 2 pieces of ID, she has a printout, that is NOT on the website that dictates what pieces of ID they will accept, a lot of ID that no one would normally carry with them, passport, Birth Certificate, etc. I did have my driver’s licenses, picture ID- check, other ID, nope, nothing that fits her list.

The gal is really nice, and I could tell this was not her first time, she says that she, and others at the office, have requested that the list she has is put on the website b/c this has happened before. So home I trudge to get my Passport, so I can file some paper work, so I can get on with my day.

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